The 100/100 paddlers are a hardworking bunch, paddling and posting and recording their miles. This challenge, started by Julie Nicholls, got everyone out on the water last winter (2014) and just keeps getting people out on the water, despite their work schedules, despite the weather. It has pushed people to prioritize paddling.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.30.37 PMAs part of their challenge, they get the opportunity to win the HIGHLY COVETED yearly sticker. They also get amazing stick art from Julie. (See some of those here.) Additionally, because we like to take care of everyone and so do our partners, the paddlers have the chance to win cool swag from Mullet advertisers and media partners. This week, Banx Block Sunscreen offered up goodie bags for people posting pictures of their favorite places to paddle. 

Let me tell you, the pictures and stories darn near made me cry, because it is so moving to see what paddling means to everyone. There is a gallery of everyone’s posts, below. Take some time to read through them! I guarantee you’ll be re-inspired. (Click the pictures to enlarge them and scroll through the gallery.)

I, for one, am ready to slather on some Banx Block sunscreen and hit the water. (It really is the best!)

For the paddlers who are looking to see if they get a goodie bag, well, if your name is Suzy Cilbrith, John Ahern, Sarah Westbrook, Leslie Maclin, or Nathan Champion, please email [email protected] with your mailing address and t-shirt size. Thanks! And thank you to Banx Block!