January 1st, 2015; the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Face book Group started our now annual 100 miles in 100 days base building, deadline April 10, 2015. Then “Ice-A-Nado” made itself known with a gusty and bone-chilling THUD. Unless you live in California or Florida; have a superhero dry suit, are “pleasantly” crazy like SIC team rider and Charleston “bridge troll,” Jeremy Whitted; you’ve been in a world of not able to paddle. We’ve been able to row, strength train, run, swim, do yoga, or even bike (ok, maybe inside anyways)…but there have been a whole lot of us who haven’t been able to paddle. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, there has to be, because “race” season is just around the corner.

Mother Ship?
The group itself is a grass-root, goal-oriented, paddling team of Bill and Betty paddlers living throughout the US, Canada and even Europe (for reals.) We are a closed face book group of individuals who love to paddle, no matter what or where, race or not. Distressed Mullet is our “mother ship”, providing encouragement and support to help the group grow, giving us a voice in the big world of SUP. They champion “people who paddle”, not just pro athletes, and we are those people. The Mullet website gives us a resource no matter what our “level” of ability to research products, training, clothing, or races. Mullet advertisers can resource us as a test or focus group like HyrdoFlask, Sup Pocket and Riding Bumps has done. What we are not is a social media site, political group, or snarky. We build each other up, and don’t act as internet trolls looking to face book fight. We are not a classified site; those with paddling products for sale can list on the Mullet. We’re just us, simple and sweet, and we’re terrific. There is no other group like the 100/100 in the SUP “world”. Pretty cool.

100/100 Status : Pictures Speak for Themselves
We are ¾ of the way through this challenge. Almost half of our 100/100’ers have finished their 100 miles and earned their sticker and stick art. One of the fun aspects of this group is seeing pictures of where everyone paddles, what they paddle (boards and blades) and where those hard earned stickers are put. We like seeing if they considered their stick-art “frame-worthy” and pictures of group gatherings with the 100/100 “signage” from whatever is handy, even if that’s human bodies, soft sand, or oyster shells.

So without further ado…. These pictures should speak for themselves. This is the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Group update: