We asked Speedcoach to give us some tips about how to get the most out of this piece of training equipment. Here’s what they had to say. Thanks Speedcoach!

1 – Training – The NK Speedcoach SUP allows me to train with specific training programs such as Mick DiBetta’s Paddle Power Trainer. The NK Speedcoach SUP allows me to focus on specific target zones like Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Speed work  during training on an easy to read screen. The NK Speedcoach SUP allows you to monitor your Stroke Rate, Time, Distance Per Stroke ( how far each stroke carries you ) and Heart Rate, this allows you to focus on a specific zone and get the most out of your training session.

2 – Optimal Stroke Rate- Are you a  High Cadence or Low Cadence paddler? The NK Speedcoach SUP will allow you to see if you are faster and more efficient using a High Cadence / Low Cadence Stroke Rate. By using the AVG. Strokes Per Minute (SPM) , Distance Per Stroke, Stroke Counter, Heart Rate and Speed, you can test how effective each stroke rate is for you by comparing  your data over a set distance and time.

3  – Do  you find you are stronger or paddle straighter on one side or the other? – You can use your NK Speedcoach SUP Stroke Counter, Distance Per Stroke and Speed to balance out your “Weak side” stroke by matching your “Strong Sides” Stroke Rate, Glide and Power output. By using the different settings you may find out  you put more weight on one side of your board during your stroke which may cause your board to not track straight. You can learn if you are not planting your blade the same from one side to the other or if you are not keeping your paddle vertical  during your catch.

4  – SUP Board’s “Sweet Spot” – Find your board’s “Sweet Spot” by testing different standing  areas.  By moving  forward or  back on the board  a few inches and watching the changes in your glide and speed you can dial in your fastest spot on the board. Your “Sweet Spot” will change as conditions change.

5 – Equipment Tests – Want to find out which board is the “Fastest” or which fin allows you the most strokes per side? Use the NKSpeedcoach SUP to conduct controlled board and fin tests, the NK Speedcoach will allow you to test boards by allowing you keep a consistent Stroke Rate from board to board over a fixed distance.  You can compare your actual strokes over a 1 mile distance, glide, time and AVG. Speed and see which board allowed you the best time with the least amount of effort.

~ Jesse Kautz, Speedcoach Consultant