Jeremy Riggs custom SIC stand up paddle board

From Jeremy:

I’ve been paddling canoe and surf ski lately and really like the way they glide and connect bumps. I thought that adding length and softening the rails would help a SU achieve those kind of glides. The skis and canoes don’t slow down when the nose goes under so I asked Mark to make the nose very narrow so I could poke through waves when necessary. Dave Kalama was already doing this with his boards and I got a chance to ride his board. I noticed the advantages right away. I measured the inside of my storage shed and it was 18′ 2.5″ long. I asked Mark to make this board 18″ 2″ long. It’s 23″ wide and it came in at 23 pounds. I’ve done one downwind run with it in light wind in Kihei. It felt good but I won’t really know how good it is till I get on a Maliko run with some of the other fast paddlers here on Maui. I can’t wait to get some more miles on that board.

Jeremy Riggs is one of the world’s premier downwinder experts. He is a Bluesmiths and SIC Team Rider who lives on Maui. Jeremy coaches people on open ocean surfing in the epicenter of downwind heaven: the Maliko Gulch. Check him out at: