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“When I was in Miami a few weeks ago to do a clinic, I was stoked to see that the group there did a lot of their on water workouts together as a training group.  I honestly believe whether you’re training on land or on the water, you get far more out of your training if you’re part of a group than you do if you always train alone.”

“While training for the Olympics I almost always had a training partner.  Whether it was Brian Bliss, Peter Koschanow or Jack Chubaty, most of the workouts I did I had someone there to push me and keep me honest.  When they weren’t there I actually enjoyed the change of pace that came with being alone and the solitude of being alone on the water.  I could still train effectively (even without the advantage of today’s modern technology like a GPS and heart rate monitor) and had some refreshing time to myself.  But when I was doing really intense stuff, or when the training program was really nasty and I was feeling really rundown, it was great to have someone else there to push me, motivate me and to share the experience with.”

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