Dean Burke King's Paddlesports

14′ Kings Paddlesports AC Racer, the sexy little hot rod.

Dean is an “early King’s rider” in the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA.) and has worked with Dave and Rhonda Daum from Kings Paddlesports on a few boards, and test driven dozens of Dave’s various race iterations over the last 4 or 5 years by way of Corey Dolan/ Dolan’s Board Sports. Corey is the PNW rep for Kings Paddlesports and their our local King’s SUP Pimp here in the Tacoma/ Commencement Bay area too.
Dave Daum and Dean were talking about the AC (America’s Cup) sail boats a couple of years ago. Dean really liked the lines on them and took the plunge to make a version to stand up with a paddle.
You can learn a lot from the science of those race boats. Then Dave came up with the “AC Racer” design, which is his current hot-rod shape with the groovy nose (among many other tweaks and tunes.) —Dean

The Specs:

  • 25″ wide and the volume is tuned to Dean’s 180lbs
  • Tail is 10″ wide. (Dean gave Dave carte blanche on the tail….He said “make it whatever you believe is the fastest combo for this shape.)
  • No rocker.
  • Full length cockpit (recessed all the way to the tail).
  • A short deck pad up front…and Monster Spit on the tail to keep the weight down.
  • Tips the scale right at 23lbs on the dot.
  • The volume on the nose has been drawn back toward the rider just a bit. That allowed for some trades in volume and shape. Lets the board move faster, with more stability while maintaining displacement even at 25″ wide. Scoots across the water like a dart.

Oracle Team USA race boat-inspired design

The paint job is inspired exactly off the actual Oracle Team USA race boat.
I drafted up a design and coupled it with some pics of the boat and shipped it all off to Dave. Team Oracle USA skipper Jimmy Spithill saw the board on Instagram and loved it. He’s a big SUP guy too. 
Anything that is the color “black” on the board is just clear coat over carbon. I tell you – it looks like a Ferrari in person. Damn near intimidating. She’s fast just sitting still. 
I paddle in Puget Sound almost exclusively. Salt water. Pretty stout tidal exchanges (sometimes over 17′ swings, twice a day.) Currents here can be interesting. Pretty good wind and chop in the winter too. Oh, and I have had direct contact with a pod of Orcas too. I emphasize the word “direct.” —Dean

Dean Burke King's Paddlesports

What else is on board

Dean uses a Kialo Toro paddle with a 110″ blade.
Yep. Old school and big surface area. I like it. —Dean
(Note from John: I don’t think they make this anymore. Might have to order it custom.)

Final touch: It’s been on TEDxTacoma.

11068048_660464444082498_4584986843666387261_o 10911308_660464484082494_2354540285947020254_o 10562485_660464464082496_4316530430272197404_o Dean Burke King's PaddlesportsThat’s right, it might be the first race SUP on the TED stage. from Dean:
“I did a talk about Tacoma and it’s relationship to Commencement Bay as seen through the filter and barometer of paddlesports. This bay was designated a Superfund Clean Up site in 1983. Ranked the 4th most polluted body of water in North America.
But it’s turning around big time and the emergence of paddle sports over the last ~15 years is a critical piece of the story here. Dragon boat, outrigger, rowers, sprint canoe/ kayak and SUP.
The story opens with a gripping tale of an adventure I personally had on Jan. 1 with a transient pod of about 8 orcas and builds from there. Lots of SUP images and of course my board and paddle were on stage as props to support the impact.
It went very well. A sold out crowd of over 300 in the live audience…plus the whole TED web thing soon.
We’ll post the TEDx video as soon as it’s available.

Congrats on the 100/100

Also, Dean just finished his 100/100 challenge (100 miles in 100 days). His last couple of miles were done on the new board.

Do you have questions about the board?

If you have any questions, ask away on the comments. We’ll get Dean on here. Also, go to King’s Paddlesports if you are interested in a custom board.