SUP Bucket Pre-Kickstarter Campaign

We saw this and felt all warm and fuzzy. It’s a Kickstarter Pre-campaign for a company that produces a hopped-up wetsuit cooler (actually, a warmer) that warms your wetsuit, organizes your gear, and holds your rinsed-off wetsuit, all in one.

How it works

  1. Fill up the surf bucket with hot water
  2. Screw on the cap
  3. Place your wetsuit inside

On your way to the beach, your wetsuit will warm up. And you can slip into a more supple, warm and cozy (dry) wetsuit. The wetsuit is NOT in the water. The water is heating up the compartment.

You start off each session warm. This is so much better than bringing a jug of hot water with you and dumping it in your suit before heading out.

While you’re surfing, the neoprene jacket keeps the rinsing water nice and warm. Unscrew the cap and rinse off your wetsuit with the warm water.


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