Used SUPs on the Mullet Classifieds

In an effort to keep classifieds fresh and exciting, we’re going to have them expire after 3 months. That means if you submit a classified on May 1st, it expires July 31st.

We have a LOT of older Used SUPs and Paddles posts. If you haven’t sold your board in 3 months, chances are it’s not priced right, you need to add photos, need to offer shipping, or maybe you just need to keep and love it. We love having this service for everyone, but think it’s time for some spring cleaning and quality control.

The good news is used stand up paddle boards are selling all over the country. One shop sold 11 of 12 boards they listed with us. Just about every other day someone sells one on the Mullet. We just heard of a story from Costa Rica of someone who had sold a ton of boards on the site.

Listings have always been free and are still free for individuals. You can and should still feature your board for $20. It’s a deal because we share it on social media, on our newsletter list, everywhere. People who have featured their classifieds have done VERY well and have sold their boards QUICKLY.

We also offer shops the option of listing their boards for $10 or they can pay $20 per listing to feature them.

1 item per listing

Good luck and thank you for your support.


And check out the used boards on the Mullet classifieds! We posted 5 new ones yesterday and today.