Sarah Westbrook Profile part of the 100/100 Paddle Challenge

We’re so excited to introduce Mullet Nation to various FOMs (Friends of Mullet) coming to the Carolina Cup. These are super stoked paddlers just like you and me, but they have swanky graphics to go with their names.

Sarah westbrook

Sarah Muir Westbrook-Deets:

The board: 10’6″ x 32″ Surftech Universal. Affectionately know as “the Scout”

The paddle: Quickblade Kanaha-AC 90

Hometown: Greenville, NC!!

Favorite food: Tough…Jeffro makes some RAD guacamole….but I can’t go more than 5 days without a Chipotle burrito bowl…

Favorite beer: Stella Artois, just in case anyone wanted to buy me some

Clinics: Signed up for Annabel Anderson’s stroke clinic! Super stoked!!

Excited?!?!? About everything! It’ll be the one year anniversary of my decent into the madness that is Paddleboard racing!! (I’m really hoping that the Scout & I can work together and finish the Harbor Island race in under an hour.)
Can’t wait to see yall!!!

Make sure you introduce yourselves when you see these smiling faces! Sarah is in our 100/100 Paddle Challenge. Find us on Facebook to be in the next 100/100 challenge and earn your sticker and jersey.