New 100-100 Challenge

100/100 Paddle Challenge Starts a New Challenge

April 23, 2015 to July 31, 2015

100 HOURS in 100 DAYS


newchallenge#14The 100/100 is a vibrant Facebook community of paddlers who standup, prone, surf-ski, or outrigger paddle. Most of us race, a lot of us don’t. We are an international group of individuals participating in a variety of 100 day paddle challenges. The group is all about the paddler; encouraging participants to prioritize paddling by tracking, posting and sharing our miles, gear, what we see, where we are and what our goals are. We value positive encouragement from our group members, hoping to motivate and inspire each other to achieve a challenge’s overall paddle goal. It is all about accountable fun. There are no dues or fees or bombardment of advertising. This is easy breezy stuff. No scientific approach or design. Did I say fun? Why YES, YES, I did. #goodcleanfun


newchallenge#22Why do we participate? For the highly coveted 100/100 sticker that’s earned when members accomplish their first 100 day challenge. Those stickers are proudly placed on boards, paddles, or cars as visual validation of a job well done. At races or group get-togethers, stickers help us easily identify other members, providing us with group camaraderie wherever we go. We’ve become a 100/100 tribe, friends and family, or a collective like the Borg. #itsallaboutthesticker

In addition to becoming an every person’s “team” with a network of information; through our sponsorship with Distressed Mullet, we have the opportunity to win swag from their partners and advertisers with random give-aways or discounts on just about everything. We may be used as a test group or focus group and definitely act as a forum with a multitude of topics. Our group is a great source of information on what works and what doesn’t from other paddlers. I created the group over a year ago so that I’d have some winter training partners, even if in a virtual world, kind of like a masters training group. Distressed Mullet embraced it and has helped it grow. We are now well over 400 members and are growing each day. #100/100tribe

newchallenge#6SO WHAT NOW?

Starting April 23rd, a Thursday, we are starting our second challenge of the year. We’ve been tracking miles, now; we are moving up to the big time. We are going to track HOURS. Yes, HOURS. Why? Because spring is here and we can. Because it’s the start of race season and because we want to paddle. Doesn’t matter if we sup surf, sup flat, prone, paddle with dogs or kids or grandparents; we just paddle and count our hours. 100 hours in 100 days is hard work, don’t hurt yourself or others, but keep trying. Track your hours any way you want. Post and share on the group, with pictures please, and let us know where and what you experienced. Let us lust after your boards, paddles, and views of your mountain lakes, Netherlands canals, rocky rivers, and roaring surf. Just let us. We share those pictures with Distressed Mullet and they may be posted on their website, but that’s the only place they’ll be shared.

STARTS                    April 23, 2015 (Thursday before Carolina Cup)

ENDS                        July 31, 2015 (100 days from the start)

WHAT                      100 HOURS in 100 DAYS

WHY                         Because we want to get a sticker

#100100tribe     #mulletnation    #mulletpride    #itsallaboutthesticker

Disclaimer: The 100/100 is not a standalone social media site, we are a closed facebook group with each individual request to join reviewed in an effort to maintain the group’s integrity. It is not a classified, political, religious or charity organization and discourages postings of that nature. It is a paddle challenge group (although the challenges are not physician designed or endorsed). They are for fun and are not meant for anyone to put themselves or others in harm’s way. Inappropriate postings or content will be deleted or censored. A code of conduct is understood within the group.

What’s this group all about? Just look: