I don’t think Mark thought I would really post their racer profile. Mark has obviously not spent much time with me. Ha! Too late now, Mark!

In addition to posting profiles of big brand team riders coming to the Carolina Cup, we’re also posting profiles of the Distressed Mullet 100/100 paddlers, a.k.a. badassery paddlers disguised as everyday humans. First up: Mark & Mercedes Baird. They paddled over 700 miles in the winter 100/100 challenge. You know them as the friendly but cutthroat tandem pair at all of the Carolina Cup races. Mercedes is not afraid to paddle around alligators.

Go up and say “hi” next weekend when you see them!


Mark and Mercedes Baird
Race board make and model: Huki OC2
Paddle make and model: ZRE custom canoe paddles
Hometown: Pago Pago American Samoa and Scottdale, PA
Favorite food: We eat like teenagers but we sure like the food choices available in Wrightsville Beach
Any clinics you’re taking: No OC Clinics available, maybe we should put one on
What you’re excited for at the Carolina Cup: Meeting all sorts of folks and the breakfast buffet at the Blockade Runner