Our paddle friend Deb K. lost her dog Daisy this week. (Pictured above.) So sad, especially after she just got back from a superfun week at the Carolina Cup. Well, paddle people are also animal people, and suddenly all of our friends in the 100/100 group were posting pictures of themselves paddling with their dogs.

Thank you to:

Tommy Allen, Paul Henry, Rod Clayton, Lisa Schell, Nathan Champion, Dottie Hodges, Debbie Renner, Abby Maiorano, Joel Yang, Sarah Muir Westbrook, Leah Seacrest, Susan Graham, Susan Johnson Cost, Barbara Link, Jason Geiger, Cathy Hall, Nicolle Lochary, Tim McAuley, Christy Turner, Jonette Albers, Jennifer Jones Yan

for posting your pics and cheering up a fellow paddler. We’re all on the water together.