Made the Mullet

Julie Nicholls challenged the 100/100 paddlers to create cool artwork with their GPS devise over the weekend. This was inspired by a post from Kim Hillhouse about the geometric designs she made while practicing buoy turns over and over again. These hardcore paddlers came up with some pretty rad designs. What can we say, other than they are DEDICATED to having fun while paddling.

Who says paddling has to be about going fast? Not these guys.

Here’s this week’s #MadeTheMullet


Janet Halseth Perry‎
Happy Mothers Day to all you 100 Mom’s! I did this paddle just for you today, as I may not get out tomorrow. I think we are on to something with this “SUP Art”! Julia what do you think about doing stick art on the GPS? Was going to draw Mary Lee but just didn’t seem fitting. smile emoticon Endless possibilities… 14.5/100


Shawna Del Valle‎

Went to my favorite reservoir that is still invisible on maps. Beautiful day I drew a dolphinfish. 13.29/100

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.15.44 PM


On Sunday Jonathan Ware went for a paddle and posted this pic with the caption “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” Then shared it on the 100/100 with “Happy Mothers Day! A few buoy turns and then some serious paddleboard writing and afterwards topped off with a interval session. 10/100.”




Kim Hillhouse with the post that inspired Julie to challenge everyone:

“57 mins of hard core fun. Just messin’ around doing buoy turns with good friends. Make me wanna orchestrate some elaborate patterns… Oh the possibilities! Hmmm… what might synchronized SUPing look like? Anybody have a drone I could borrow? :p  7:23/100”


Amy Barlow wrote her name!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.29.01 PM


Matthew Burris Vance actually wrote out 100/100.

11101088_811775025571646_5210128943562637657_o (1)

Michelle Wood wrote in saying, “I attempted a heart today & made one on the very left, and then forgot and paddled all over it!”



Abigail McCarthy also made a heart!



And here’s Michelle’s SHRIMP! Ha ha! Love it!


So cool and thank you for sharing!