Banh Pho Surfboards and Crispy Noodles Kimbo Board

Dimensions: 14,×26″× 250 approximately for Kim Reilly

Company: Banh Pho Surfboards and Crispy Noodle

Shaper: Patrick Broemmel

Description from Kim and Patrick:

Patrick: So the Kimba board is a shape called the Hobo Sled. I offer that and the Sprinkmastah. The Hobo Sled follows the current trend in race boards away from a parting bow. I don’t like to use the term displacement because really outside of a surfing situation all sup race boards are displacing water. What I mean by parting bow is that of the Bark style bow. Where the water is split by a thin horizontal bow which trait ions the boards bottom back to flat over the distance of a few feet.
There are pluses and minuses to that style and the biggest minus I’ve found and the reason for the move away from it was bow steering. Down wind, in a draft train or just by leaning the bow acts as a fin on the front of your board and does a great job steering it. I’m a sloppy paddler and tend to weight the side I’m paddling on which send the bow in the opposite direction and I end up like a snake, winding my way along.

So with this shape I’ve tried to do a 50/50 bow. Half parting, half piercing. There are alot of piercing bow shapes out there this year and I think they are great ,my other shape the Sprinkmastah is one, but I wanted to have something in between. So this thing is kind of a semi planning hull if you will. Some funky bottom contours, a fair amount of rocker, always based on the combined weight of the rider, board and accessories. It’s been working really well.

Both this shape and the Sprink share a very similar hull design, the Sprink having a bit more rocker and a piercing bow, and I’m really happy with how they are working. The bottom contours really seem to almost harvest the energy in the water ie, boat wake, wind chop, etc better than flat bottom shapes from years past. Its always a work in progress but it feels really dialed in right now and I’m happy about that.

Kim: That’s some high tec jargon Hobo! For the Lay person (paddler) it is an awesome combination of fast, stable, and versatile! It’s in the same price range as the other elite race boards ($2300-2700) BUT you get to pick out your colors and graphics! It’s made right here in ‘Merica! by a Stand Up Guy Patrick Broemmel! BTW Patrick, I loved my deck pad on the Kimba.


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