Newport SUP Cup: August 22, 2015

Trade your desert lakes and painted hills, salt marshes and oyster beds, lazy rivers and weeping willow trees, kelp forests and great whites, mangroves and nurse sharks for the crisp air and cool water of New England. It’s that time again–time to plan for the Newport SUP Cup.


Newport SUP Cup
WHEN: August 22, 2014
WHERE: Historic Newport Shipyard, Newport, RI

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Paddle with the Yachts

If you’re like us, you like to travel and paddle in new places with interesting scenery. So check out this scenery (pictures from the Newport Shipyard Instagram account):

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.10.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.16.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.18.56 PM

The Newport Shipyard has an interesting history. Originally built in 1834, the business has gone through 4 bankruptcies, emerging whole in 1998 when the Dana family bought it at auction and began restoring and rebuilding it to its former glory. Today, internationally-ranked sailing teams train there. Some of the largest yachts and deep sea fishing vessels in the world dock there. The America’s Cup has been held with the Shipyard as HQ. There are boat shows, charity events, and regattas all summer.

The Newport SUP Cup is your chance to paddle in the same place that elite athletes practice and boats that have traveled the world come home to port.

A New England Tradition

The Newport SUP cup is an all-day event packed with fun for the whole family.  The race was started by Jeoffrey Nathan, Co-owner, with his wife Catherine, of Coastal Urge, and his childhood sailing partner Jamie Haines, who spends her time, when not planning this great event, races yachts competitively all over the world.

“I went home to visit my family one year over Thanksgiving and we had a Pickup SUP CUP. It was right when we were getting into paddleboarding. Everyone asked if we could do it again in the summer, when it’s warm!” said Nathan. A tradition was born.

Racing and Winning

As with the other Coastal Urge race everyone knows, the Cold Stroke Classic, there are great prizes at stake during the Newport SUP Cup. The elite racers compete for $1,000 cash and the recreational racers compete for prizes from all of Coastal Urge’s apparel and accessories vendors. And, same as Cold Stroke, EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE. So, basically your entry fee and a race finish guarantee you something cool. The race really is about the stoke.


The Course will begin and end at the Newport Shipyard, at 1 Washington St., Newport RI 02840. The 6 mile Elite Division course will paddle from the Newport Shipyard and north under the Goat Island causeway, and go around a buoy just south of the Newport Bridge, and then circle Goat Island, and then repeat, to finally fishing at the Newport Shipyard. The 3 mile Recreational Division will head north from the Newport Shipyard, under the Goat Island Causeway, and round a buoy just south of the Newport Bridge, and then circle Goat Island, finishing at the Newport Shipyard. There is provision by the race director to change the course due to weather on the day of the race. All racers must have a USCG Approved PFD with them to race. You do not have to wear it, but must have it on your board or body to comply with state and federal laws.

Additional Info

Paddlers will be competing for a $1,000 cash purse in the Elite Division and over $3,000 in prizes in the Recreational Division. There is a Cafe at Newport Shipyard, as well as other merchants to visit.

Registration Fees

Registration for the Recreational Division is $55.00 and the Elite Division is $75.00.

Check out the website, which has great maps that show parking and drop-off info, as well as the course. 

Bring the whole family for a weekend of fun! There’s tons of neat bed and breakfasts around the Harbor and you can cross the island to surf on Sunday!

Panoramic photos from Newport Shipyard Facebook Page



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