Jeremy Riggs just started using a new Makai GPS from @velocitek and recently recorded one of his fastest Maliko runs this year. It’s been very helpful having the Makai GPS on board for instant feedback.

“It has a mounting plate that sticks on your board. It comes with a couple of plates so you can try it on different boards. Once it’s stuck on the board you just slide it on the mount till you here a click and turn it on. It’s very simple to use. One big button turns it on, starts it, stops it and resets it. The instant feedback at a glance while you paddle helps you perfect your technique. You can really tell which stroke methods are fast and efficient. It’s also very helpful when you are paddling in current or in the wind. It has helped me become a smarter paddler. Hope you get to try one soon.”

Jeremy Riggs. Paddle With Riggs, Maui

From the Velocitech website:

“It measures the Doppler shift in GPS signals to calculate your speed every half-second…”

It lets you see speed, distance and elapsed time.

It was designed for the extreme conditions of Maui.

“Velocitek is based on the North Shore of Maui. The Makai was designed to the specifications of the professional SUP racers who live and train here. The result is a product that can handle extreme conditions.”

It’s design to be hydrodynamic:

Velocitech Makai GPS

We haven’t tried one yet, but Jeremy seems to really like his. We’ll get our hands on one and take it for a spin.

For more information, check out Velocitech’s website here

And if you are going to Maui and want to learn how to downwind/open ocean surf, contact Jeremy at Paddle with Riggs.


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