There are 29 paddlers slotted for todays’ race. Including my buddy Steve Dullack who is always up for a distance challenge. 

Lot of long distance podium winners in this one. Pretty impressive field for a first time weekday race.

Some fast pronies on the unlimited too. Ryan Mathews and Brian Pasternak. fast ass creepers.

Someone suggested I get someone to make me a hot pink huggy bunny prone board. 

What can be worse then getting beat by someone on a “huggy bunny” and if you are dead last, it’s a huggy bunny, so mmmmm

Conditions look super favorable. It’s building into what could be a true 16 mile downwinder with south swell as a kicker. SW winds at 12-15, 90 degree heat with 78 degree water. The race goes from Lewes Delaware to Queen Street Beach. 

I’m headed to breakfast and then to to ferry. The one thing that confused my routine is that the race starts at 12. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just approached it as an early morning race. I’ll need to eat again before we head out. We have 90 minutes after we arrive via Ferry in Lewes, DE to get our gear set and warm up. I’ll be hydrating and staying out of the sun as much as possible. 


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