And a Challenge within a Challenge Surprise

The 100/100 paddle challenge group is like a motorcycle gang, but cooler. Our obsession of choice is water; our “rides” are standup paddle boards, surf skis, outrigger canoes, prone boards and more (oh my). We let our gardens die, chores go undone, banjoes and guitars sit in the corner, maybe even forget our spouse’s name …all because we’re out paddling. Everything we own must pass the “does it float” test. We eat ice cream or breakfast bars for dinner, and talk incessantly about strokes per minute and distance per stroke. We say DUDE, share the stoke and call each other Ohana. We discuss shaft lengths, blade sizes and how badly our clothes smell. We share what’s best during paddle snack time and how to take a potty break. We love this sport. We’re old and young and somewhere in between. We’re big and little, tall and not tall. We are podium placers and “paddle with our pup people”. Doesn’t matter, we just love to paddle. At races you’ll see 100/100 folk all rowdy and a jumble, taking group selfies of 100/100 “signage”. Pros just wanna be us. This challenge also has a “challenge within a challenge” scroll all the way down to see the details, kind of like a twinkie.

The NEXT 100 day paddle challenge starts August 15th!

WHAT:                    100 PADDLES in 100 DAYS

Don’t panic, look at the Bonus

Each time you go out and paddle, it’s counted.

BONUS:                   This is a POGO challenge; Paddle One, Get One Paddle FREE

                                    Every paddle equals credit for TWO paddles

WHEN:                    The next 100 day challenge begins August 15, 2015. It ends on November 22, 2015.

Why August 15th? It’s the day that I do my first race after major shoulder surgery, at the in New Bern! I’d like to hope I’ll have some 100/100 Ohana at the back of the pack getting loud and having fun with me. It’s a big day.

HOW TO                 Anyway you want to. You can keep a manual log. You can ask your dog to remember,

TRACK:                    make it your kid’s math project; use Garmin, speed coach or paddle logger. Your choice.

WHY:                       Because you want to, plain and simple. You may not succeed, that’s ok too.

There are no fees or dues to be part of this group and no prizes to win.

You get an awesome annual sticker when you finish your first challenge and virtual training buddies.

There’s nothing to lose.

EXAMPLE:             In case you’re confused…

You paddle with your kids in the morning = BOOM, counts as two paddles

Then you do a Chattajack training paddle in the afternoon = BOOM, another two paddles

You’ve now just got credit for FOUR paddles in one day.

This is a doable challenge for everyone.

The 100/100 is WHAT?

The group is a very simple facebook group, based and focused on 100 day paddle challenges. It provides virtual training pals. It is free. You send a facebook request to join. You must at some point try or complete one of the challenges to be a member, no “watchers”. Sometimes the challenges are easy, most times they’re not. They are not physician designed or endorsed. You earn one highly coveted annual sticker when you complete your first challenge. It’s a badge of honor. You won’t be voted off the island if you become sick or injured, go on vacation or bruise your paddle bone. It is a peer-to-peer connection that’s meant to be free of advertising, marketing, political and religious views. It is simple and easy and all about accomplishment. It’s not a yard sale page, dating site, or chat room. It’s “the” facebook so personal information is encouraged only offline. We post our progress and pictures and cheer each other on. We push and pull and prod each other onto our fullest potential. We are relentless in our heartfelt enthusiasm as we develop real and genuine connections.
The 100/100 is all about “paddling out loud”, racing to the top as both an individual and as a group. Every mile, every hour, every paddle stroke…is a successful journey. We have a worldwide champion with our major sponsor, The Mullet is THE resource for all things paddling; gear reviews, race info, a free classified, how-to, it goes on and on. We share our pictures with the mullet and take great pride when they “#madethemullet”. Our shop sponsor, The Carolina Paddleboard Company,, has provided significant discounts to the 100/100 paddlers from the very beginning and gives us a first heads up for clinics and coaching services. They are two great resources for the 100/100 Galaxy and yes, I’m partial.

Remember this is free, but you’ve got to play to participate, no watchers. It’s simple. It’s easy. No complaints or whiners. Don’t like it, don’t do it. It’s supposed to be FUN.
Now get ready…..



BECOME a 100/100 1%er…

This POGO “event” includes a challenge within a challenge “surprise” like a Twinkie. For those looking for a little more, training a little harder, and going a little further; Carolina Paddleboard Company will be honoring those that go above and beyond. It will be the 1% challenge. 1%-ers will be recognized at the end of the current challenge with shirts, hats, or other goodies.


This 1% challenge will be to paddle 100 miles in 4 consecutive weeks within the POGO challenge. All of your 1% challenge miles & hours count in your POGO challenge anyway, so why not try. The water is warm, the sun is shining, and it’s a great time to log extra hours!

Honor system rules. Sign yourself up, commit yourself, track yourself, cheer for yourself, share with us your pleasure and your pain. Have fun, paddle hard. Become a 1% er, get free swag. Nothing to lose. Whine a little, but not too much.