SIC had a huge week at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. They won SUPConnect Gear of the Year. Last year, they had the board of the year from Outside Magazine. It seems like they’re always holding some kind of trophy at these things. And rightly so. Their boards are incredibly well designed and constructed. The color palettes and designs breathe fast and sexy. Considering they started as a downwind specialist, it’s amazing how well rounded the entire line has become. From surf to race and now the FX, there’s something really magical about the boards. And the booth is very cool, busy, and there’s a sense of excitement.

The FX is the child of the SIC Bullet Series and the SIC X Series. It’s their all-around crossover open water stand up paddle race board for 2016. It comes in a 11’0″Future Pro, 12’6″ PRO and a 14′ PRO.  The 11’0″ Future Pro model is for kids racing.

We were lucky enough to catch Mark Raaphorst in the booth for a SIC FX walk-through.

SIC FX Specs:

  • Double wrap fiberglass composite
  • 3MM high density pvc deck reinforcement
  • Lightweight CNC/EPS Core
  • Crocodile Textured EVA Deck Pad
  • Gore-Tex Breather Vent
  • EX Grab Carrying Handle ( I love this handle)

11’0″ Future Pro Specs:

  • 11’0″ x 24″ wide x 6.75″ thick/ 335cm x 61.0 cm x 17.1 cm
  • 195 liters
  • 22 lbs/10kgs


Mark Raaphorst with the SIC FX

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