For 2016, Focus SUP is excited for the Mo Freitas Signature model paddle surf board. It’s small for what we’re used to seeing. Mo Is also far more extreme than what we’re used to seeing and has developed a style, along with many of the younger top SUP surfers where the board is actually under water when they are stationary. They pull themselves to the surface and to plane with the wave in a method not unlike how a shortboarder paddles into a wave as opposed to a longboarder.
Mo’s model is 7’4” x 23.5” x 3/5” thick and uses new a core-flex construction which is a honey-combed fabric-wrapped paddle surf board. They’ve found it results in a more lively, springy board. And while not many people can ride this size, there are both 7’8″ and 8’2” models that can bring this shape and construction to larger advanced paddlers. The three sizes will be available for 2016.

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