In a move that solidifies Infinity SUP as one of the top paddling teams in the world, the Dana Point, California-based company announced this week that Candice Appleby has signed to join the team full time. Appleby was already surfing Infinity standup boards. Her decision to paddle Infinity’s race line is a ground-breaking decision, considering she’s only paddled for one brand her entire career.

“I’m so incredibly thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and for my time with Joe Bark and the Bark family,” Appleby said. “They are an amazing family and remain some of my closest friends. But this move allows me to solidify my equipment sponsorship well into the future. And I’m really excited with what Dave (Boehne) is working on. He’s constantly tinkering. I’m so happy to be an Infinity Speed Freak.”

Infinity SUP, and specifically Dave Boehne, along with his father, Steve, was one of the first surf brands to turn its attention to building high-quality standup boards. Dave Boehne lives to experiment with design and material to create lighter and faster designs, like the Blackfish, a race board that has seen a number of big wins from the Infinity Team this year. His surf designs are also unparalleled with models such as the Phoenix and Blurr that have literally set the standard for surf SUP innovation.

candice appleby
“We’re completely ecstatic, humbled and grateful to welcome Candice into the Infinity family full time,” Boehne says. “There’s really no arguing, she’s a Freak, and one of the greatest standup paddling athletes that has ever lived. Six Battle of the Paddle titles sort of speaks for itself. But the rad thing about Candice is how diverse she is as an athlete: she can dominate a technical race, win a surf contest, go out and win a downwind race, then surf a longboard beautifully in her free time.”

Specializing in custom models, Boehne is already hard at work in the Infinity factory creating new designs for Appleby as she prepares for some of the biggest events of the season including the US Open in Huntington Beach, Calif. and the Pacific Paddle Games in Dana Point, Calif. In fact, she’s using a new prototype for a race this weekend in Japan. But for Appleby, it’s still about the family atmosphere because, as she says, “Team Infinity just has more fun.”

Infinity SUP

Infinity specializes in performance Surf and Race Stand Up Paddleboards – Premium craftsmanship, custom designs and MFG in the USA. Infinity began producing SUP boards in 2004, hand-crafted by Shaping Hall of Fame inductee Steve Boehne. Infinity SUP is endorsed by elite athletes like Slater Trout, Candice Appleby, Anthony Vela, and Dave Boehne.

Infinity Surfboards

Founded in 1970 in Surf City, USA (aka Huntington Beach, CA) by Hall of Fame shaper Steve Boehne, Infinity moved to Dana Point, CA and continues to produce high performance surfboards, emphasizing premium construction and custom designs built to match surfers’ individual needs.