It has all the basic features of a wireless sport headphone: IP55, water, sweat and dust protection. 5.5 hour battery life is kind of short, but it’s doing a lot and I’m sure later versions will last longer.

The heart rate monitor is integrated into the earbuds so the Sport Life app is actively tracking your heart rate. That means you don’t have to wait to download info after to see where you were. You can see where you are, while you’re exercising. Based on what your goals are, it will prompt you to speed up or slow down. Zone training, interval training. You can set it all.

I’m looking forward to trying this out for myself. It would be great for stand up paddle boarding, but not sure about prone because of the constant immersion. It would be amazing for cross training for sure.

I think it’ll be great for workouts off the water. The only drawbacks I could see are the 5.5 hour battery life. It would need to charge pretty much each time or every other time you worked out. Almost like you’d have to store it on a charger. The second is the need for a phone close by. If you have a reliable case, which is hard to find, it would work. I’ve had blowouts on both the Lifeproof and Catalyst, so maybe more of a true dry case, like otterbox or a pelican case of some sort.

MSRP: $199


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