This is a really cool idea. I know manufacturers have been struggling with how to make pumping up inflatable boards easier. The electric version, attached with jumper cables to a battery can be sketchy for the non-mechanically inclined. The Hybrid Electric Triple-Action Pump is the “first action is high volume electrical inflation which brings your kite to a full, unpressurized, state. The second and third actions pressurize the kite manually – same way as a dual-action hand pump.”

It incorporates a rechargeable electric fan, which effortlessly moves the air required to fill the inflatable paddleboard’s initial volume and give it shape. You pump the rest up manually. I know, it sounds like a dual action, but I’m sure there’s a cool third part in there. Mostly, this addresses a major barrier of entry to inflatable paddleboards. Others being weight, bag design and durability concerns.

Click here for the Kickstarter Campaign

At time of publishing, the campaign had 54 backers, raised $8,505 of the $10,000 goal and has 12 days to go.



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