So. . .You’re in Chattanooga early for the 2015 Chattajack31 and you want to check Chatanooga out. Here are some great suggestions and resources:

Take a stroll around the Chattanooga’s riverfront, check out the start

Maybe park your car near the Tennessee Aquarium, walk toward the river to Ross’s Landing to see where race check-in & board storage will be then start a cool walking tour.

Follow the Riverwalk sidewalks upstream toward the Walnut St. Bridge (the walking bridge). If you aren’t sure which one it is ask anyone you see and they’ll help you out. You’ll be there in just a couple minutes. Once you’re on the Walnut Street Bridge, you’ll be on one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges and you’ll be getting a birds eye view of the Chattajack start line.


The bridge will lead you across the river and along the way you see and pass some really cool buildings and architecture. If you follow the bridge all the way across the river you’ll arrive in “North Chatt” where there are tons of cool parks, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. It’s kinda the bohemian part of Chattanooga. Explore until you run out of time and then head back to where you started. Don’t get carried away walking and explore, gotta keep those legs rested for Saturday’s epic.


Drive up to one of the scenic overlooks and see the gorge from 1,000 feet above!

Point Park – Looks directly down onto Moccasin Bend from Lookout Mountain. 15 minute drive time from downtown Chattanooga. From this overlook you can see the first 8 miles of the course.

Signal Point – Peer into the Chattajack course right where it begins cutting into the gorge. More specifically you’ll be looking at miles 8-13 of the course. 15 minute drive time from Chattanooga. Note: If you have time look for the trail and follow it for about 15 minutes, you’ll arrive at an amazing overlook.

Snoopers Point – Drive into Prentice Cooper and find this breath taking overlook. 20 minute drive time from Chattanooga.

For those arriving to Chattanooga on Thursday grab a free beer at Ray Ray’s and meet some fellow racers

Ray Ray’s Meet and Greet – Chattajackians will receive a free beer compliments of the L2 crew. Food is awesome and easy on the stomach. And you get a free beer! Ray Ray’s is located downtown, beside L2 SUP shop, a few hundred feet from the race start line.

Where to get Groceries and Gear

Whole Foods is located on the north shore. Hot food buffet is always there during normal business hours. Hours are 7AM-9PM
301 Manufacturers Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405

Need gels, small strobe, compression gear, or windbreaker?
Fast Break – They’ll be open till 6 Friday. Address: 19 Cherokee Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37405 Ph: 423-265-0531

Forgot your paddle at home or board flew off your car and you need a new one?
L2 100 Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37402 423-531-7873

Favorite restaurants

Five, Food Works, Aretha Frankenstein’s, Treemont Tavern (Best Burger in Town), Mellow Mushroom, Big River, Sitar (Just in case you want to eat Indian the night before the race)
All the restaurants listed are walking distance except Treemont Tavern and Aretha Frankensteins (Bike or Drive)

Tourist attractions

The Aquarium, The River Walk, Tennessee River Gorge Explorer, Southern Belle, Rock City & Ruby Falls, Coolidge Park, or drive to River Canyon Road and see a bunch of the Chattajack Course.

The farther you drive the more of the course you will see.

For more info, go to the Chattajack31 Website

Here is the link to the 2-weeks out Chattajack Newsletter