We caught up with Mike Muir after the Pacific Paddle Games in this video interview and talked about Riviera Paddlesurf’s win in the PPG Manufacturers Challenge, The Riviera Team, and the future of the standup paddleboarding. Mike was one of the first SUP sport advocates, behind the scenes, behind the lens.

“Without the youth, we really have no future in standup.”

The SUP youth movement in California is exploding with programs like Performance Paddling and The Paddle Academy. While Riviera Paddlesurf has taken a more active role in supporting the Paddle Academy, both programs are pumping out supergroms. The event that brought down the house was the Grom race at the PPG and so many of these kids came through programs like the Paddle Academy and Performance Paddling. It was really amazing to witness these incredibly talented young athletes attacking what in scale were triple overhead waves.

The kids get Mike the most stoked about the sport.

“I see nothing but extreme growth of the sport”

There is a more of a general downturn in retail that has obviously affected SUP. It may seem like a temporary flattening of the meteoric growth of SUP, but Mike sees nothing but extreme growth in the future of standup paddleboarding.

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