100/100 Challenge

Oh No, Ho Ho, the winter NOT a paddle challenge season is upon us! It’s time for the 100/100 Paddle challenge group, to NOT paddle. WHAT WHAT?! Paddling is a sport, and most of us raced both short/fast and long/endurance events this last year. Now it’s time for us to let our paddling arms and shoulders rest, our brains destress, our bodies detox and our energy levels to chill. It doesn’t mean to sit on your buttocks and eat tacos (or at least 10 at one sitting), but it IS time to step away and benefit from all the training and racing and brain focus and just become a non-paddling human again. Yes, step away from the paddle. Or if you paddle, step away from the gps device and heart rate monitor. Sit back and enjoy the ride. For a month. Yes, only a month.


This challenge is for the month of December only

There are no prizes. There are no stickers. There is nothing but the fun of knowing you don’t have to do anything other than MOVE your assets. You can channel your inner Suzanne Somers and get out your thigh master. Dress like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris and have ninja fights on your front lawn with invisible foes. Get a large white dog, a folding chair and then juice like Jack LaLanne did. He lived a long, hardy life! Go to the weight room in breast bearing t-shirts and get all sweaty and grunt like Arnold “love child” Schwarzenegger. Put on a pair of converse high tops and run like Prefontaine or pretend you’re finishing the NYC marathon like Meb. Swim like Dara Torres, ice skate to music and twirl like Kristi Yamaguchi. Go one-on-one with Laila Ali. Ride a bike. Take the dog for a walk (do they still love you?) Re-introduce yourself to your kids (do you remember how many you have?) Throw those young-uns into the leaves you’ve raked. Surf with neoprene. Try cross fit and become a national champion because they now include prone and you can do that. YOGA! Do some YOGA! Or pilates. Or zumba. Take a ballroom dancing class (uh, not me!) Or cross country ski. Do something different. Just move.


Don’t think about training or sup base building or racing next year

Think about tacos. Think about making tacos for Christmas, we do in our house, for reals. Have FUN. All sports have off seasons. This is your off season. Take full advantage of it. Don’t be accountable to a gps or heart rate device if you do paddle. Let your psyche heal from the successes and the not so successes. Get your body back to a healthy weight (up or down, whatever that may be) by eating clean (put the twinkies away y’all). Read a book, on the exercise bike (Try “Boys on the Boat”). Just don’t be sup focused for one month. Just one month. You can do it. Then it will be paddling b*lls to the wall again and it’s on! ☺



One Month. December. Move. Anything. Move. Destress your brain. Detox your body. Rest your paddling muscles. But still Move. Channel your inner not-a-paddler sports hero. Why. Because you want to. Post who you chose to “be like” on the group page. Have fun. Give us a photo of your best Richard Simmons outfit. Show us your zumba moves by video (uh maybe not). Let us know if you find your zen. REST. Just be. You worked hard this year. Give your injuries time to heal.

January 2016 will be paddling base building game face all over again. You can’t build on an empty tank. Fill it. Love ya, mean it.


How to join the 100/100 Challenge Group

You can request to join the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook Group at this link. It is a closed group. Distressed Mullet is our main sponsor. We want you to play. No lurkers. It’s free and void of advertising, marketing or fund raising. It’s not physician designed or endorsed. We’re just friends and family and have fun. Free. Fun. No lurkers. No false bravado or snark talk. 100 day challenges. Motivation. Virtual training buddies.