Lina Augatis 7 months pregnant

2014 Battle of the Paddle and World Series Champion and 2015 Lost Mills Champ, Lina Augatis, is enjoying time with her husband Andrew in anticipation of their first child. Werner Paddles caught up with her for a few questions.

How far along are you?

We are at 32.5 weeks now, my dues date is actually January 7th. A potential News Year Baby!

Glad to see you out on your SIC board, how you doing paddling at a casual pace?

HA! I am definitely at the point where I am getting slightly annoyed that I can’t do my normal activities with friends, other than my super supportive best friend Andrew (husband.) I constantly have to tell myself it’s just a very short period of a long life and the outcome is that in only 2 months more months, my husband and I a  human we created. I will be on my way to recovery and hopefully increasing the intensity and adventure levels of all the sports I love to do so much. I feel happy that I can still be out paddling, what a great sport that you can do it through pregnancy. So that’s been great and planning future races, expeditions, clinics keeps me going through the mentally tougher times.

It has to be getting nasty this time of year in British Columbia, What have you been doing to keep busy?

I have been substitute teaching for my local school district. All grade levels and all subject areas. I get called most days so that has been keeping me plenty busy. I also decided it was a good time to recertify some of my certificates I have like wilderness first aid etc. I’ve also taught SUP clinics up until mid-October and now am planning my 2016 schedule. I also try to get out for some exercise every day.

Okay, important question. Do you think it is a boy or a girl and are you sharing potential names?

I have no idea what gender it is. Most friends guess boy but I have no clue… it can be either, I just hope for a healthy and therefore happy child. We have had a girl name picked out for a while and have struggled with boy names…not sure if that is a sign or not of what is to come? Maybe I will keep the potential names to ourselves, but will say that they keep within my background of being of Lithuanian heritage, which I am so proud of and love.

With young one in tow, when do your fans look forward to and your competitors dread seeing you in 2016?

Of course a lot of it is still fluid, our new life together takes priority. But the competitor within is eyeing Carolina Cup, I would love to make that the start of my season and my debut as a racing Mom!

On Behalf of all of your fans Lina, good luck to you and Andrew. Wishing you love and health through it all.