This technology is a converts inflatable standup paddleboard to a dive vehicle and dive buoy so that divers can reach near-shore jetties or reefs. It is to reach the sites that are just out of swimming range.

Small trolling motor, cut down and modified, controlled from paddle. Leash with auto-cutoff and handlebars to pull you through the water while looking down with snorkel. When you see something, you let go of the throttle and it stops.

Holds 550 pounds. Can mount a dive flag on it. Can attach to your weight belt as a float or use a 3lb anchor to keep it stationary. Mount the dive tank on the back.

Battery lasts 2 hours. Goes up to 5 mph. 50 feet of anchor line.

Check it out.

Description from the video:

The Nearshore Dive Vehicle is something I created to fill a huge need within the diving community. As an ex Navy SEAL, I have logged more hours on and under the water than most! Yet, with thousands of miles of shoreline in the U.S. alone, many excellent nearshore dive spots are just out of reach for the average shore diver… not anymore!

The extreme lightweight design and versatility of the NDV gives us an economical way to reach those jetty tips, and nearshore reefs in a way that just wasn’t possible before without a boat, or a lot of work! [email protected]


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