To be a paddler, you have to paddle. Simple. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro prize money winning athlete or a recreational cruiser. You’re a paddler, if you paddle; and if you WANT to be a paddler, paddle you must. The most basic and simple training plan ever; Consistency and commitment. Join the 100/100 paddle challenge facebook group and you get a third “C”, COMARADERIE.



The 100/100 paddle challenge facebook group designed by moi, Julia Nicholls (100/100 mama bear), is entering its third year, YES THIRD YEAR, of 100 day paddle challenges. It is free. There are no gimmicks or signed contracts or buy this or that. It’s not physician designed or endorsed and you participate entirely at your own risk. You have to request to join, it is a closed group and only group members see content. Its paddle folk who want to paddle and connect and perhaps push themselves a little bit more than what they thought they were capable of. Lisa Schell and I administer and manage the group, keeping it free from advertising, marketing, fundraising, and political/religious views. We want active challenge participants, not industry folk lurkers and watchers. This group is not-for-profit and is a free from hassle, snarky or false bravado zone. It is all about a paddler to paddler connection and positive encouragement. And hard work. That’s your part, the hard work. And the honor system, track your progress whatever method you choose, then just tell us and add a picture. We love pictures.



When you complete this challenge, your reward is knowing YOU did it, AND, a badass “earn worthy” 2016 sticker provided by the group’s sponsor, Distressed Mullet. Did I say a VERY cool badass sticker? Why yes, yes I did!

2016 100/100 stickerThis specific 100 miles in 100 days challenge provides a platform for “base building” during the winter. It’s the basis of all training programs. Build your engine before you fire it up. You will know that you’re doing this together, you and your closest 600+ friends. You will be accountable not just to yourself, but to them. You post and share what and where you had success or not so success. You will learn that we are all in this together.katiecolonial100100

No matter what our level or ability, we are paddlers if we paddle. See what boards and paddles and bodies of water others paddle in. Put in the hard work with this virtual training group. At races, you’ll have a “boo” to hang with and can make 100/100 signage’s for fun. This is the fun that goes along with hard work! And training buddies; at races you’ve got pre-release friends! YAY! And most of us talk a lot about food. Tacos are one of our favorites. Be prepared. Train hard. Eat tacos. We’re in good company, Quickblade Paddles has Taco Tuesdays after the flume, 100/100 has tacos everyday!


In ADDITION, Carolina Paddleboard Company has designed a tougher challenge within this challenge. We call it a “1%er challenge”. It’s so hard that only 1% of the group should be able to accomplish it. For reals. It’s a beast. But, for those that are driven to go higher and harder, it’s right here for you to jump on. We want all levels in this group. Stay with us, you hard chargers you; this “inner” challenge has your name all over it. Might want to check with your physician before you even read the description. Become a 1%er at your own risk. There is a reward. But it’s a secret.


The CPC 1%er Challenge for the initial 2016 will be increasing base, but also build into the pre competitive season when paddlers start doing interval workouts. It will also depend on what craft is your MAIN craft, although cross training on various craft is allowed and counted at the same rate as your other miles. Prone paddlers will paddle 400 miles in the 100 days; Stand Up paddlers will paddle 500 miles; and Outrigger paddlers will paddle 600 miles.

100100signagehoochProne paddlers will have the greatest advantage whilst cross training, moving faster and acquiring more miles towards their 400, but let’s face it, they have it hardest the whole time anyway! However, when Outrigger paddlers cross train on either sup or prone, they will be moving slower and it will make their miles more difficult to obtain. However, cross training really helps in the long run, so I wouldn’t skip it if you have access to alternate paddling craft!! SUPers are good to go, right in the middle ☺. In addition to the base mileage for the 100 days, paddlers must perform consecutive paddles: 1x 25miles and 3x 12miles. The 4 consecutive mileage paddles count towards the overall miles and can be completed at ANY time throughout the 100 days.
Johnny Puakea

But WAIT! There’s MORE! Ten (10) of your total miles must be over 80% heart rate. Paddlers need to be smart and not try to rush this one early on in the season. Build your base. Keep it mellow. Then when we get closer to spring, and intervals become regular parts of a weekly workout you should pounce. It may be cutting it close to the end of the 100 days, but that’s OK! These are not consecutive, your time at >80% should equal 10 miles over the course of a few weeks at least. Don’t burn out!

100100danielle (2)
Final note: Have fun. Stay safe. You may want to consult a physician before attempting the 1%er Challenge!!

From Lisa

It’s all about motivation!!! Pure and simple, that’s what this group is about. Motivation, encouragement and support. As the new year starts, let’s re-commit to our own paddle goals and to helping each other reach theirs, without personal agenda, marketing or hyped-up competitiveness. Of course, we’ll have fun along the way – it wouldn’t be the 100/100 if we didn’t. I’d like to encourage folk to ask more questions, share more stories, and try new ways to paddle.

Maliko Lisa Schell, Inland Paddler

From Julia

Go paddle my 100/100 friends. No matter what or where or how, just paddle. You’re in good company as a member of the 100/100; our newest recruit is Larry Cain.


From John

This group has become my extended paddle family. We hope it can be yours too. No matter where you are, there are people just like you, trying to stay motivated, dealing with life, and enjoying the water life. This can be your support team, your inspiration, aspiration, commiseration, and most importantly, comic relief when you need it most. I’m so excited for 2016. I have to get a heart rate monitor now.


About the 100/100 Challenge

General Rules & Guidelines:

The 100/100 Paddle Challenge is a closed Facebook group focused on active participation in 100 day paddle challenges. Its members are primarily those who standup, sup surf, prone, surfski, oc and a few traditional hard-core kayakers.

Participation is free and meant to be FUN. Challenges are not designed by or physician endorsed. Julia Nicholls and Lisa Schell maintain and manage the group as administrators with full control over content and membership.

The group is designed to be not-for-profit, as well as, advertising and marketing free.

Although the group is not designed in a forum format, members do at time ask questions, comment on products, races, gear and goals in an honest, objective and positive manner, disclosing any business relationship they may have. No snarky comments please.

The group is a “neutral” zone and does not endorse one viewpoint or charitable cause; individuals have their own personal facebook pages or other venues for those purposes.

The group is NOT set up to be a personal chatroom or meetup group.

And finally….Members are adamantly reminded this is “FACEBOOK” and to keep personal information offline. Being a member does not ensure someone isn’t a standup chainsaw mass lurker and creeper. For reals.

If you have any questions about a post you want to make or have made or saw and didn’t think appropriate, let us know


–Julie and Lisa