NK Speed Coach SUP2

When I think of winter training, my mind isn’t usually flooded with positive images of sun and fun and races and friends and races. Why? Because it is cold here in Virginia Beach (not as cold as other places thankfully), and windy, and cloudy, and my wetsuit boots smell like death, and my truck smells like my wetsuit boots, and it is cold.

79a404b274c8-1Anything that makes winter training easier to do is extremely helpful and two things that I use to make it easier are the Speed Coach SUP 2 and a training program from Paddle Power Trainer. Mick Debetta is the creator of Power Paddle Trainer and a legendary multi-sport water athlete. He has developed this training program over 20 years of personal racing and coaching some of the big guns of our sport like Jamie Mitchell, Travis Grant, Annabel Anderson and a slew of other world beaters. Mick’s program works extremely well with the new Speed Coach SUP2 because the SUP2 is programmable.

Here is how I use the two together

  1. In the off season I take a break and decide what 3 or 4 big races I want to peak for in 2016. Mick and I discuss the timing of those and what kind of work load I can handle and what my taper will be.
  2. Mick develops a strategic plan for the year so I know what I am working on and why.
  3. Mick sends me my workouts a month at a time. Typically I am on the water 4 days a week (weather permitting) with Day 1-3 being one hour of intervals each and Day 4 is distance. I have been doing this program for more than a year now and I don’t think any of the interval workouts have been the same. I really really like that.
  4. Now the best part…I take my daily workout and program it into my Speed Coach SUP2 in about 30 seconds. Then I hit start and just follow the directions. No mental math…no adding and subtracting and dividing by the square root of 3 while trying to remember if I stop this interval at minute 23:30 or 24:30 while my body is oxygen starved and my brain isn’t cooperating.

Here is one of my workouts from last week

  • TZ 1: 1 min
  • TZ 4: 2 min
  • TZ 1: 1 min
  • TZ 3: 3 min
  • Repeat 8 times

It is a great interval workout but there is no way I could keep all that straight. Using the programmable SUP2 lets me mentally focus on my paddling and not on keeping time. I also like that Mick gives a couple different scales to measure your training zone. He has a heart rate scale, a stroke rate scale, and a Rated Perceived Exertion scale.

And to top it all off you can try Mick’s program for free because he posted an 8 week program for free on NK’s website with instructions on how to program his workouts into the SUP2. There are very few SUP specific training programs available and to my knowledge, this is the only one sitting out there on the inter-webs for free that anyone can use.

Check it out at: http://www.nkhome.com/pdfs/Micks_Training_Plan_7.31.15.pdf

So there you go…kick the winter blues with a training program and an easy way to partner it up with your SUP2.

Disclosure: I am not a brand ambassador for NK or Paddle Power Trainer and I receive no special discounts for their respective products. I just like their products and they work really well for me…and I like the Mullet.

Steve Dullack is the owner of the Virginia Beach Paddleboard Company and life long Mullet.