When we look back on day one there were a few things that really stuck out.

QB and Hobie SUP Match Sticks

First, the Collaboration between Hobie and QuickBlade. They are calling them the QB Match Sticks and they are beautiful. We’ll have more info on that and everything else today.

Hala ICT

Then, there was the Hala ICT Inflatable Carbon Technology inflatable standup paddleboard with a flexible carbon strip that increases the rigidity of the board. We liked using it as a trampoline.



In the fin world, the new, insanely light Riviera Race Fin and the Futures RFD Prone fins look great.


Reflekt Floating Sunglasses line

Reflekt is coming out with an entirely buoyant line of sunglasses. That’s right, the whole line. And if you lose your glasses, they are replaced. Not just broken, lost. More info to come. We can’t talk about this.IMG_6549

The DUBBOX Campers

These were beautiful!  We’re getting video and contact info for everyone. If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday this summer, this is it.


SUP Storage

And finally, someone put all the pieces together in a SUP Storage pulley system. The crew at Annapolis SUP say they have them and love them.

Sup storage system kit. Made in the US

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