In April, we are launching The Mullet magazine: The first free, quarterly community paddle magazine that tells the stories of local paddlers, local events, local shops and local causes on a national stage.

This community needs a unifying mechanism and we believe The Mullet is it.

We want to bring paddlers all over the world to within one degree of each other.

We want to forge and foster friendships based on a shared interest, a shared journey, and shares experience. We want to tell their stories in a way that makes you say, “I feel the same way” or “I’ve been there, too.”

And we want to celebrate this amazing water family, this community that makes paddling so special. Just like we’re doing online every day, only in a different and more personal, more tangible way.


Why print? Isn’t that kind of the opposite of everyone else?

We see a need. It’s there. The underrepresented. The SUP malnourished. The crossover people. We never put Standup in our name because it’s so much more and that label is limiting. We knew it 8 years ago and it’s never been more true that today. Paddlers are coming from and going to a diverse set of crafts. Yet we’re the same water people, sharing the same experiences. And, when all the alpha predators are going North, it’s a good idea to look to the South.

A collaboration made with genuine passion for the people who paddle1441377_594346540630407_27168209_n

We’ve been so grateful to connect with Troy Nebeker and the Pacific Northwest crew with Monster and Sea. Troy is designing this new magazine as well as helping us with Paddle Monster. But we’ll leave Paddle Monster for next week.

This is your chance: #madethemullet

#madethemulletThe Mullet is also where you’ll have a chance to reclaim that “I’m in the newspaper” feeling back with our #madethemullet section. It’s a social mag with photos of hundreds of paddlers and events around the world.

We’re going to give you a great reason to find The Mullet each quarter—to find your friends and yourself.


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The Mullet magazine is making it incredibly easy to spread the word and get us in your goodie bags and countertops. We’re going to bat for you. We want to help. We want to send people into your local shops. That’s why we do our BLet’s support each other.


Now you can get a free stack of 25 of the world’s first community magazine delivered to your shop. What a great way to drive people into your shop. Thank you for your support!

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We’re calling it the “Goody Bag Mag”

…because in addition to being distributed at shops across the country, it will also be in the goody bags of the biggest races in the world, starting with the Carolina Cup and the Key West Classic. And it should be in YOUR event goody bag, too.  6

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Every day, close to a thousand of you paddle people come to the Mullet to read articles, watch videos, check out the classifieds or look at the event calendar for a place to see friends. Your support makes this site possible. The advertisers on this site make this possible. The events who list with us and the shops who support us make it possible. Don’t you see? We’re already working together. This isn’t a group of faceless, nameless corporations. These are family businesses and paddling families. We know each other. We have unfettered access to the top athletes in our sport. With an email or a facebook post, we can connect with someone half-way around the world. This is extraordinary. We get it. We’re at the events. We paddle. We get injured. We’ve made lifelong friends.


I’m rambling… I appreciate your support as I appreciate all the help we get from behind the screen. Katie Elzer-Peters is our magazine editor and producer and our social momma bear is Julie Nicholls. Lisa Schell is our managing editor and prolific contributor, resident gear geek. We have the greatest contributors and supporters. Katie, thank you!

Help us with this next venture.

The Mullet can be great. And it will be. With your help. Thank you.

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