carving hard off the top

by Chuck Patterson

We were blessed with a very rare tow in surf day at Jaws during the Eddie swell.

Conditions were less then perfect for paddling, with bumpy side shore breeze which left the door wide open to whip in to a few heavy Liquid mountains.

I decided to make the most of this very rare occasion and try out some new custom waterskis.

The first couple rides were pretty heavy, negotiating the huge chop while out running a 5 story building of moving water.

Always funny watching the peoples faces in the boats and on the jetskis that haven’t seen it before.

I was very lucky to survive every wave and even get a couple great turns in at the inside bowl.

Its all about family here; Having spent over half my life in these waters, its awesome to get the respect from my watermen heroes as well as from the young guns that are pushing the big wave movement here that continue to inspire me every day. 

Who says you can’t ski in Hawaii??? LOL!!

Enjoy the humor and the out of the box thinking. LOL!!



Photo by Aaron Lynton Productions, on facebook: and their website:


 tow surfed into a fun bombing Left before switching to my skis again
Tow surfed into a fun bombing Left before switching to my skis again, Photo by
Outrunning a moving liquid Avalanche
Outrunning a moving liquid Avalanche