There are two definitely cool updates for the Carolina Cup, Graveyard race. The grueling 13.1 mile course circumnavigating Wrightsville Beach, NC will include a new buoy at the north end of Wrightsville Beach in Mason’s Inlet. Paddlers will be required to round to the north of this buoy in order to avoid the sand bars and stay in the channel. This will hopefully reduce the chance of injuries by paddlers hitting the sand bars.  Going around this buoy is mandatory regardless of the direction of the course (clockwise or counter-clockwise), which is called the morning of the race based on the fastest, safest possible route.

The second item is the dredging of Mason’s Inlet, the inlet between Wrightsville Beach and Figure 8 Island to the north. The dredging has resulted in a really nice, deep channel as opposed to previous years when the inlet was very shallow at times. There shouldn’t be any active dredging by the race date. They are scheduled to be done Mid-March.

More updates to come.

Here’s a page set up for Wrightsville Beach Forecasting, wether, swell and a list of CAMs: