Thursday: Foundations of Stroke, 9-11am

Back by popular demand, last year’s sell out clinic is back!

Covering everything from how to move to create the most biomechanically efficient and powerful stroke to how to move your paddle most efficiently through the water Annabel shares with you the basis of what has made her fast, powerful and consistent across all types of paddling – and most of all, free from the usual paddling injuries (tendonitis, shoulder and lower back issues etc).

(it is recommended that everyone attends this first as everything progresses from here)

    • full breakdown and build up of biomechanics and paddling movements
    • building the stroke and paddling movements from the ground up
    • correct paddle fit
    • technical breakdown of the paddle stroke
    • dry land drills & exercises
    • on water drills & exercises
    • how to paddle straighter
    • developing rhythm
    • individual analysis and correction plan to go away with

Duration: 2hrs

Date: Thursday 9am-11am

Price: $140

Limit: 20 people

Thursday: Skills & Drills, 1pm-3pm

You paddle – you paddle a lot – but you feel still like your feet are stuck in concrete when you try to move around your board.

Your rhythm is more ACDC than Flo-Rida and you really just want to work out how to get better at the skills all the kids and pros make look so easy.

STOP – THIS is the clinic for you!

I’ve been there, and I’ve had to learn it really quickly. In this clinic I cover my go-to drills that I have developed to give me the confidence to surf a race board on 1x leg, how to do the highland fling on my board and more. Most importantly you’ll leave with a set of drills to incorporate into your everyday paddling and be well on your way to becoming a paddling Ninja.

    • Specific paddling drills to incorporate into your everyday paddling
    • Footwork drills – to improve your confidence and moving around your board
    • Paddle drills – how and when to use your paddle to enhance your paddling performance
    • Balance drills
    • How to incorporate these drills into your every day paddling to increase your skill level

(it is recommended that participants have attended Foundations of Stroke as Skills & Drills follows on from what we have done in FOS)

Duration: 2hrs

Date: Thursday 1pm-3pm

Price $140

Limit: 20 people

1:1 or small group of 1-3 people

Make the most of your early arrival in Wrightsville Beach and the chance to spend a couple of hours with 3x Carolina Cup Champion and World #1 Annabel Anderson.

Your session will be tailored to the needs of yourself or your group.

You will be able to design the content of the session with Annabel beforehand.

It might be getting to know the course and how to prepare for your best Carolina Cup performance yet or dialling your paddling technique,this is a session that you can design what ever you feel you want to work on.

Date: Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Price $550

Limit: 1-3 people

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