We had an amazing launch last night at Epic Food Company. We didn’t have that many issues. They’re all being shipped out to shops and events around the country.

Second, Troy Nebeker from Monster and Sea is the Art Director and has some amazing photography throughout the issue including an amazing cover shot of Spencer Lazzar. People are holding it up to their heads and pretending to be spencer.

Third, Lisa Schell. If you hadn’t met me at the printer, looked through all the options, and responded, “sure. we can do it.” I wouldn’t have taken the next step. Catalyst. Your article on our family from Village of Stoke is my favorite article.

Thank you to all the contributors. We had a contributor page, but I deleted the entire Mullet Magazine site. That will be rebuilt this week after the Carolina Cup.

There are issues in every goodie bag and room at the Blockade Runner. We had just under 6000 issues and pretty much all ar spoken for. I’ll be mailing out the subscriptions on Monday. So stoked. Thank you for your support.

To all the advertisers who took a shot, thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t be in print.

We’ll also publish the list of where to get the magazine next week. They were shipped out on Thursday.

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