This Wednesday, May 11, we are going to launch the Paddle Monster Paddle Training Community. Because you have signed up for updates, you get the first shot at the limited number of spots.

The Plans: Available Wednesday, May 11

Paddle Monster Plans

There are a limited number of all-access plans available

We can only provide plans, support and conversation to a limited number of paddlers at the All-Access level. Paddlers on the Basic plan will get first crack at any open spots.

A quick note on sharing training plans:

This may sound crazy, but you will be able to go ahead and share your Paddle Monster program with friends. We want you to be part of the community, which means finding what works for you…
Excerpt from the Importance of Training Plans blog post on Paddle Monster:

“If you currently have a training partner or group you paddle with, we want you to continue to train with them. Whether they join Paddle Monster or not, there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue to train and share the fun of paddling with them, just because you’ve joined a new community. In fact, I’d encourage you to take your Paddle Monster program and share it them so you can continue to train daily with the group that’s been there to support you in the past. I’d never suggest you keep your Paddle Monster program secret from them. I’d be asking you to turn away from them on the water when you were doing your workout, and that’s not what paddlers do. When we see someone else on the water we instinctively want to paddle over to them and say hi. We can’t help it – it’s just natural. We never want to lose sight of that.”

Say hello on Facebook while the site is being perfected. We’d love to get this paddle-training conversation started.

Sign up for updates at:


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