Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer

Where were you born and where do you now live?

We were both born in Denver , CO. SS – My family moved to Portland, OR when I was a child. CS- I moved to Portland in 1984. We now live on Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington.


We own and operate Shellback Paddle Experience. We’ve specialized in paddlesports education since 1986.

Where do you paddle the most?

When we are home we have lots of options. Living on the peninsula surrounded by water, we can choose water that’s fresh or salty. A lot depends on what the weather is doing, how strong is the wind, from what direction and what stage is the tide.

Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer
Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer

Do you have a favorite local paddle board shop?

Many scattered around the country. A good instruction program, a solid gear selection and support of their SUP community, makes them a favorite in our book!

What sup, prone, oc or surfski do you paddle the most?

If we are teaching, the BIC SUP Wing, Cross or Performer are really solid. When touring and going distance the Tracer 14 is a blast!

What other paddle craft do you have?

Since we are BIC SUP ambassadors we have a big selection of boards to use. Glad we don’t have to choose just one!

Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer

What paddle do you use the most?

We are also fortunate to be a Werner Paddles ambassadors. We believe the paddle is the most important tool. It has to be light, balanced, strong and sized correctly. Full carbon, foam core blades are a real pleasure to use.

Have you changed boards/paddles/equipment since you started? If so, why?

Sure, it’s all about learning what you want to do and getting the equipment that best fits you and your desires. Understanding board, paddle and gear design helps you decide what is going to work best for the environment you choose to paddle. spring_blues.jpg

If you could travel to anywhere in the world to paddle, where would you go?

CS – I would love to go back to Hawaii where I first tried SUP. Watching the sea life from my board was magic even if I had a hard time staying on the board, it was pretty rough! SS – I would like to do a self-contained journey somewhere warm and exotic. I’m easy!

What’s the best sup advice you’ve received?

When changing your foot position move the board under your feet, not your feet above the board.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

CS – Alligators in the Okefenokee Swamp. Not weird but definitely attention getting! SS – picked up a hunting arrow that someone shot into the water then proceeded to fall forward on it resulting in 8 stitches in my hand and a hole in the board. D’oh….

Favorite paddle nutrition?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Goals for this year?

Teaching our new puppy to ride on the board.

Favorite post paddle nosh?

Beer yes please and Mexican food.

Favorite non-paddling thing to do?


What piece of sup gear do you wish someone would invent?

Hmmm, can’t really think of anything…

What is your biggest challenge with sup?

Convincing people there is more to SUP paddling than just going fast forward.

What’s your proudest moment in a sup race or event?

SS- I’m not a competitor but finishing an 8-day, 150 mile, solo, self-contained trip down the Columbia River was pretty cool. 

Tell us about the friends you’ve made through paddling?

WOW! We have made so many friends on our tour around the US last year. 20,000 miles visiting 28 shops in seven months and LOTS of new folks we call friends!

Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer

What’s your best sup travel tip?

Tip 1- Check your tie downs. We travel with six hard boards stacked in Thule roof racks on a Ford van. The system has to be bombproof! Tip 2- Get a good deck bag. One that holds the essentials for SUP travel. First Aid, food, water, extra clothes. We see many folks who are under prepared for “what if”. 

Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer


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