Florida to Miami Paddle

News of plans by Redondo Beach’s Aimee Spector and Florida’s Cynthia Aguilar crossed our desk today and we are excited to share!

Aimee writes:

“In the spring of last year I contacted a paddler I had never met in person but knew from the world of prone paddling and invited her to do an epic paddle. Turns out, she’s done something like it before… but she was keen to go again and to do it as a true charity paddle. We both decided this epic paddle has to make a huge impact and that the focus must be about giving back.

Florida to Miami Paddle
Cynthia Aguilar

So I am proud to announce that Cynthia Aguilar and I are planning an epic paddle- paddling 112 miles from Cuba to Florida in May/June 2017. We are in the midst of working on logistics which are many, but at least we have an escort boat secured!

Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 and to split the funds we raise between Ocean of Hope and Special Olympics Florida, charities that are very close to each of our hearts. We know that doing this paddle for charity will make what could be a difficult, possibly dangerous but definitely epic paddle totally worth it!

The inspiration for this paddle comes from a lot of different places- those that have paved the way before us and from those who constantly strive to give back; in honor of those that cannot; to show support for those that need help; and to encourage other athletes to help the community while in pursuit of their passions. We both know that doing something this intense as a charity paddle means that we can take something that we love and turn it into something bigger than ourselves to make a difference.

The exact date of our journey has not been set yet; as we get closer to early spring we will be looking at weather, tides and forecasts to choose a potential launch date. The plan is to leave from Key West Florida on our escort boat, motor over to Havana and then wait for the go-ahead to start the paddle back, landing in South Beach about 30-36 hours later. We will be updating on social media leading up to the paddle and hope to have a photographer along the way to document our journey. We have also started our GoFundMe page to help get everything going! www.gofundme.com/cuba2floridapaddle

We feel lucky and honored to be taking this trip and will be sending updates in the next few months as well as the day before the paddle. It’s going to be truly epic!”

Florida to Miami Paddle
Aimee Spector

We’ll keep you posted as the plans for this awesome paddle takes shape.  In the meantime, check out the GoFundMe page!