“You make cool stuff. We make cool stuff. We should make cool stuff together.”

That’s how the collaboration between Hobie SUP and Quickblade began. But what started as Match Sticks, a more aesthetic concept where custom, high-performance Quickblade paddles were created to match the design of custom, high-performance Hobie paddleboards has evolved into a new blade design called the H Drive. They didn’t have a version at the show, but Byron Kurt and Jimmy Terrell tested this design and it’s a shockingly effective. They are all really excited about it. We’re hoping to get a walkthrough with Jimmy Terrell at the pacific paddle games. Allegedly, it’ll be in the 90 size range, perhaps with an additional smaller version.

This is a great video by our buddy Chris Aguilar at Quickblade on the Hobie/QB collaboration.


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