SIC Sarah Muir Westbrook

One of our favorite Jane Paddlers is now a brand ambassador for SIC Maui! We are so proud of and excited for Sarah Muir Westbrook, who is featured this week on SIC’s blog.

In this excerpt, she breaks down how she plans her paddling sessions and workouts, while balancing the responsibilities of raising a family and career.

“Her regimen can be broken down to one word. Planning.

1. Know your schedule and find time to get on the water.

“Sundays are for planning. Planning workouts. Planning paddles. Planning meals. On top of family, laundry, work, calls, etc… You name it. If it needs to be done next week, Sunday is the day to tell me about it. So early on Sunday mornings, I make coffee & start scheduling.”

“My main job is in a busy cardiac surgery operating room. I work ten hour shifts 6:30 AM- 5:00 PM. The first thing I do is grab my work and on call schedules. I typically take one day of “call” (be within a 30 minute response time after my shift) a week, and one weekend (48 hours) a month. Basically, my call days are OUT for paddling. No one wants me rolling up in the Operating Room smelling like the Tar River.”

“My second job is at a local community hospital in New Bern, North Carolina. I always look forward to those days. When I leave the OR, I head straight over to see my second family at Stand Up Outfitters. Kate Lewis is my training partner and an amazing paddler and mom. I am lucky to call her my friend.”

“Once I figure out where I will be each day and what days I can paddle, I start plugging in the Paddle Monster paddles. Usually I am on the water for five paddles a week. Don’t tell coach Larry Cain, but the HR zone 5+++ intervals are my favorite.”

2. Take opportunities to crosstrain when you are not on the water.

“Then it’s on to scheduling land based workouts. I love a schedule. There is something so satisfying to me about writing it down, being accountable and then doing the workout. Nailing the intervals, lifting heavier, going faster, paddling further…I just love it! I usually do those workouts at home. I have a gym membership, and a great friend Jana Watkins, that drags me to spin class, but honestly, I don’t have time. We have a pretty solid workout DVD library- so I schedule 4-5 workouts at home every week on top of paddling.”

3. Plan out your diet and meals.

“FOOD! My last, and possibly my favorite, schedule of the week. I love to eat! I create a menu for the week & put it on the fridge. That way everyone in the house knows what’s for dinner.”

Remember these three steps to planning your time on the water. Planning your time on the water around your responsibilities, scheduling crosstraining workouts when you can’t paddle, and planning out your diet and meals for the week. If you have a busy schedule (who doesn’t), by planning out these three things, you can optimize your time on the water.”

Read the entire blog here.

Congrats Sarah!!