In the Beginning…

Three years ago, I started the 100/100 facebook challenge paddle group simply to find training partners for a new to me sport, standup paddling. I was clueless on what to wear, how fast or far to go, and didn’t know what an OC1 was, much less a surfski, or ”tandem”. I thought an 8 mile paddle would be the death of me. And beach starts with a surf break; yeah well, those still get my heart pumping and probably always will. It was just me, just Julia, an aging triathlete and sometimes still a runner who wanted to try something new. BOOM! The first 100 day paddle challenge was born modeled after ultra running “Fat Ass” events. No fees, no dues, no t-shirts, no whining, yes crying, but no whining and no prizes or awards. It worked, all of a sudden there were THIRTY SEVEN (yes 37!) people on the facebook group after Distressed Mullet allowed me to share my need paddling friend’s plight with a blog post. Then all of a sudden there were 50 members! Then 100! And more and more and more and more! We grew and we morphed and we streamlined and I ran it like a boss (mean boss sometimes).


In the Middle…

We learned with this group. It became a resource of information and a motivator for new bucket list races, gear or paddling partners. We connected as REAL people. I can honestly say I think each of us reached out of ourselves and entered the “out of our comfort zone” boxes. We didn’t snark talk or act all “that” because that’s NOT how we are. If you did, well, the group let you know that was not ok. We were not a commercial, marketing, or for a fee group. It was just us, with a paddling focus and challenge goals. WE MADE THIS GROUP TOGETHER. We made something awesome and terrific and wonderful and giving. I am so proud of what WE all made together. My analogy is that we were adults who still needed to and WERE allowed to be outside playing EVEN after the streets light came out. And we did. And we had fun. And we earned stickers. BOOYAH for the stickers!


In the End…

With a heavy heart, all of you know that I decided to close the original 100/100 paddle challenge facebook group and step away on October 31, 2016. It’s time. I ran the group and the challenges as an individual and it’s just not feasible to do that anymore. I will miss it with all my heart, but, it’s time. I’ve always said, I’m just me, just Julia. I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made and loved being called “The Queen” at events, y’all made me giggle with that. I cannot believe the fun that I’ve had at races, post race taco eatings, or award ceremonies where I was dead last and certainly was not a podium placer. I’ve met people from all over the world and all of them have been a gift. PLEASE be proud of what we built together. This was NOT just me, this was everyone that posted and commented and encouraged each other. See you on the flipside!


New Beginnings…

John Beausang (who participated in the challenges as an individual) and Distressed Mullet (who supported us from the beginning and was our sticker sponsor) has enthusiastically taken up the mantel and provided a new home and a new version of our 100/100 paddle challenge group. Please make sure that you go to the new group and request to join. It’s our new home. It’s our “V2”. It’s like Star trek and the future. It is good. Help make something AWESOME like you have in the past!

100/100 Photo Gallery


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