The Challenge:

50 Physical activities (approximately 60 minutes) in 50 days. Seven of these have to be on the water. That’s at least 1 paddle per week.

Description of Activity:

Let’s stay active. Get outside. Walk. Ride a bike. Take a yoga class. Take a spin class. 1 hour per day for 50 days. And at least one day per week needs to be on the water, because after all, this is a paddle challenge. What’s nice about this is it’s a good time for dry land training, for building a base for next year.

The Goal:

Stay active. Stay connected. Stay on the Water.

The Reward:

First of all, this is a community based on the fundamental goal of getting people on the water and connecting paddlers. You should do this for the right reasons. The reward is you stay active and healthy, paddling and part of a community. Always remember that you are part of something bigger than one board on one lake. But there is a nugget of joy at the end: For those of you who complete the challenge, there will be a random drawing for some cool swag.

Honor Code:

This is self reported. This is not a competition. If you claim you did 25 hours of activities in a single 24 hour period, we might figure it out. Most likely, we won’t. Just as in life, you aren’t trying to be honest to others, you’re trying to be honest with yourself. You don’t have to look any of us in the eye, but you do have to look yourself in the mirror. Get it? Do the work. Enjoy the journey.

Sample Post:

This post from Tammy Wade is PERFECT and was posted this morning. Post a photo and/or just a description of your paddle and your current activity count. We do it like a countdown. After your first one, you post 1/50. After the 10th, you are 10/50 and at the end of 50 activities, you will have 50/50 with 7 paddles.


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Our Sponsors:

Distressed Mullet, Paddle Monster, and the Carolina Paddleboard Company so far. If you are interested in sponsoring this group, let me know via email. It might involve some swag at the end of the challenge.