A New Zealand family treks to Nepal to help earthquake victims rebuild but then then happened:


‘A crazy idea and a dream come true’: Girl, 12, paddle boards on the world’s HIGHEST lake to break the world record

  • New Zealand 12-year-old Maya Allsop travelled to the world’s highest lake
  • There, at Lake Pumori in the Himalayas, she went stand up paddle boarding
  • The water was icy cold, and they were days away from the nearest hospital
  • But she conquered the challenge, her proud father Mike Allsop watching on 

By Lauren Grounsell For Daily Mail Australia

Surrounded by snow, on the highest lake in the world, a 12-year-old girl pushed her stand up paddle board on to the icy water.

With her father, pilot and part-time adventurer Mike Allsop watching on, Maya carefully paddled out on to Lake Pumori in the Himalayas.

Once out on the lake she carefully stood up from her knees, the board giving the slightest wobble before she found her balance.

With a cheer she held the paddle above her head, having just conquered the world record for highest stand-up paddle board.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4012154/Brave-12-year-old-stand-paddle-boards-world-s-highest-lake.html#ixzz4SKyDT4RG

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