As we started working on our holiday gift guide – which will be out later this week – we started wondering, what’s on every paddler’s list this year? So, we asked.

We queried the 100 Paddle Challenge  Facebook group to see what its members dream about finding under the tree or maybe in the garage this year.  The results are eclectic, to say the least!

New Rides

Clearly the most coveted item this holiday season is a new board.  Or a new OC, or a new surfski.

After the last five years of spending all of my “spare” change on surgeries, I’m ready to graduate to a race board,” says Anne.  “If you have Santa’s ear, tell him I want a good one for ChattaJack!” 


Larry is more specific – he wants a 2017 Starboard All-Star, 14 feet by 27 inches wide.  Sarah’s got waves on her mind and she is asking for an SIC 7’11” Fish.  And John wants and SIC FX.  We wonder if Joe has a team of special shaping elves in his shop ’cause Barks are on the list for many, too.

Among those who are hoping for a new paddle under the tree, most folks are asking for Quickblade Trifectas or V-drives.

New Digs

We hope Santa has his real estate broker’s license because several of the 100’s want homes with bigger garages, or with a dock, or that will accommodate more rescue dogs that will go paddling with them.

New Gadgets


Tops of the tech wish list are the Speedcoach and any number of Garmin tools for logging workouts and dialing in training.

Winter Wonderland Help

Dry suits, SUPSkins, warmer booties and gloves are among the most sought after SUP gifts this year, including this wonderful idea from Joel:

“We’d like paddles that keep our hands warm so we can ditch gloves forever…I’m taking about a full on heated paddle so I can twirl it and melt sleet as it comes down!” 

He wants something to go with the paddle too.

“And some nice bumps on the rivvahh!”

Roxanne wants Santa to know the booties she asked for need to be the kind she can take off by herself!!  Vince’s Christmas wish, Wetsox, can help with that!!!


Santa had better get busy on KAYAK, Expedia or Travelocity ’cause the 100’s want to go somewhere! The rampant wanderlust might account for the high number of folks who want inflatables this year.

Top dream destinations include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Paris, Iceland, and this brilliant idea from Jules:

Unlimited free flights on any and all airlines to any and every place on the planet.”

And with the added upgrade of no board bag fees!

Some folks are looking for a better way to get around town, or just have fun on land – they’d love to find a OneWheel wrapped up with their name on it.


Help Me Santa, I need Help!

Several paddlers are looking for lessons stuck in their stockings – sessions with Larry CainApril Zilg, Jim Terrell and Chase Kosterlitz would make many folks happy on Christmas morning.

Pleas for more time on the water, more speed, and even a request for paddle partner to do the 24-hour Muskoka River X 130 km race are en route to the North Pole this year.

Just In Case


We won’t name names, but…some folks have already taken matters into their own hands and admitted to going ahead and ordering Garmin devices, Speedcoaches and even new boards, just in case Santa didn’t get the message. Here’s to being proactive!!

And finally, we love this from Leslie, who’d like to see the SUP industry “show more masters athletes, and always show leashes and PFD’s in their communications and ads.”

What ever your Holidays dreams, we certainly hope they all come true!!