Okay, everybody, it’s time for a new challenge! The Challenge starts January 1, 2017.

We all know the value of a challenge. It helps us set a goal. And goals motivate us and drive us to train, which in turn helps us reach new levels or performance.

Goals should be very personal things so we’re challenging you choose your own target. You don’t have to declare it at the beginning of the challenge. Just keep track of your numbers and pile up as many as you can, knowing that we’ll be recognizing different levels of accomplishment. Once you’ve reached the first level, you begin the challenge of reaching the second, and so on.

Since this is a paddling challenge let’s look at the levels of achievement in paddling terms first:

  • Level one is 100 miles or 161 km.
  • Level two is 200 miles or 322 km.
  • Level three is 300 miles or 483 km.
  • Level four is 400 miles or 644 km.
  • Level five is 500 miles or 805 km.

Now, to make things more interesting for those of you who just aren’t able to get on the water as much as you’d like through the winter we’re adding a twist. Since paddling is primarily an aerobic sport, we’re going to give you an opportunity to count any aerobic activity you do. Simply log your paddling distance in one column and add up your hours of cardio training in another. At the end of the challenge you can top off your paddling distance with your cardio work by counting every hour of cardio as 3 miles of paddling.

That means you’ve got from January 1 to April 10 to log as many miles paddling and hours or cardiovascular training as you can.

Last year I did the 100/100 Challenge for the first time and ending up paddling over 600 miles in 100 days. It was insanely fun waking up every morning with the challenge in front of me, paddling in the freezing cold and following the progress of others as I logged in to share the story of my own challenge. I achieved something I truthfully didn’t think was possible and wouldn’t even have attempted were it not for the challenge. The best part of all was how that affected my paddling throughout the 2016 season. I improved tremendously and had best ever results.

Paddling is a sport where volume counts. The amount of quality time you spend on your board has an enormous impact on your performance. Your reward for the time you put in are more developed skills and a higher level of fitness, so even if you’re not racing you’ll be able to enjoy your paddling that much more. There’s no question that when it comes to paddling, TRAINING WORKS.

Join the challenge! I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with you!


About the 100 Paddle Challenge

The 100 Paddle Challenge is a Closed Facebook Group of over 800 paddlers worldwide who embark on a challenge every 100 days. It was meant to help support and promote our training and provide a community of paddlers we can meet up with at various events or just to paddle. To join the challenge, request membership here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100paddlechallege/ 

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