by Chris Chapman


Cable Plank Straight Arm Pull Down


Strength and Power


Core strength/stability; Pulling strength


This exercise forces you to stabilize your core while working on a unilateral straight arm pulling motion. The arm motion is similar to a single stroke. The more you can stabilize your body on the board through the core the more force you can exhibit in pulling the paddle/

Key Features/Cues:

  • Start in the top of a push up position
  • Squeeze thighs and butt (quads and glutes)
  • Try to maintain the position as best as possible, only the arm should move
  • Full range of motion with hand starting overhead to beside your him

About Coach Chris Chapman:

Each week, members on the All-Access plan will receive dry-land training plans from Paddle Strength and Power Coach Chris Chapman, MSc., CSCS, CSEP-CEP.

Having spent the last two Olympic cycles as the strength coach for CanoeKayak Canada, I have supported some of the best flatwater paddlers on the planet in reaching the podium at world cups, world championships and Olympic games. I have spent the last 8 years perfecting a model of dryland training for endurance athletes.

Being more than just a strength coach, I have been academically trained and have practiced as a physiologist, athletic therapist, kinanthropometrist and biomechanist. This gives me a wide scope of practice and knowledge base to draw upon in order to help my athletes achieve their goals. I believe the primary goals of dryland training are to minimize injury risk, increase the tolerance and capacity of the body to handle the demands of training (and life), and both combined will allow any individual to perform at their best when it matters. I employ the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen”, always focussing on continuous improvement regardless of where you are at this moment in time.

Growing up in Kingston I spent a lot of time paddling both canoes and kayaks in the beautiful flatwater lakes and whitewater rivers of Eastern Ontario. Now residing in Toronto, most of my time these days is spent playing in the Great Lakes. When not in a boat you will find me on a mountain bike, locked into some skis, or climbing a rock wall, enjoying all the seasons and activities nature has to offer.

Paddle Monster Paddle Strength Program as part of the All-Access Membership

Coach Chris Chapman will prepare weekly land-based strength and power plans for novice, intermediate and advanced paddlers with options for both gym and non-gym/home training. We will have video demonstrations of the exercises in the video library and linked to the weekly plans. Members can then ask Coach Chris questions on the forum and share their experiences with the training community.

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