Section: Paddle Monster Strength & Power

Purpose: Pulling Strength, Core strength/stability; Leg stability

Transfer: This exercise requires you to control/stabilize your whole body in an offset position while pulling on a load. While the position is not exact, standing on a board and paddling is a similar task, except we can load this gym exercise more to focus on greater force production, motor unit activation and using the load to perturb the stabile position.

Key Features/Cues:

  • Split stand position with inside leg next to the bar
  • Bar is put in landmine or jammed into a corner where the ground end will not move
  • A good depth is front leg around 90 degrees
  • Bend forward at the hip and maintain a neutral spine (do not forward flex at the spine)
  • While rowing maintain the position of every other joint, no other movement other than the pull should occur

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