Paddle Monster is launching a new training app that went live on the iTunes App Store and Google Play (for IOS phones and Android phones, not iPads/tablets). There is an introduction app that anyone can register and see that gives you an idea what to expect, then there is the Full App, with coach contact, training plans, messaging between members, calendar, posts and discussions. We’re rolling the system out over the next few weeks and have put together a video on how it will work for All-Access members.

The App will roll out in a 3-4 week onboarding process.

  1. First, the free mobile version is available. People can register and see the basic structure and what to expect.
  2. This weekend, All Access Members who have filled out the survey will get an invite. The survey helps us assign you to a coach and course based on your location, craft and experience level.
  3. After downloading the App, registering and receiving the invitation, they can upgrade their app by using a code in the email invite
  4. Next week, we launch the web interface used on laptops and desktop computers and on ipads and tablets where everything on the app is mirrored on the website. The old site remains, but we will start to transition the conversations and programs to the app
  5. In a week, we will launch the paddle programs on the app and web interface  followed by strength plans.
  6. After a week or so of using both systems and transitioning to the new system, we will start using the app and new site exclusively, but the old site will remain in case you want to refer back to something, need to adjust your settings, profile, buy a hat, etc. It’ll all work together.

If you are interested in getting serious about your training and joining a community of paddle athletes, go to and join all access.

All Access Members: 

Download the app on iTunes
Download the app on Android