Can you imagine growing up on Maui and learning from a group of “uncles” that included some of the the best watermen in the world in their respective disciplines: Robby Naish, Dave Kalama, Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, and Derrick Doerner?

If you’ve ever wondered why Kai is Kai, consider that he’s been preparing for this lifestyle since he was born. Like Tiger Woods with a driver on Johnny Carson, only Kai was on Maui. Kai learned how to surf at the age of 4, windsurf at 6, stand up surf at 7 and kite surf at 9. By 10, he was writing a sponsorship-request letter to Robby Naish in pencil. By 12, he was receiving an age exemption to paddle the M2O. World Championships and hundreds of big waves at Jaws, downwind foiling, BOP wins, SUP Tour World Championships, racing the America’s Cup Oracle boat on a kite board… You’ll get it.

In this episode of 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime, Phil Koeghan interviews Kai, his parents (Martin and Paula Lenny), Robby Naish and others as he walks us through how Kai became one of the world’s most accomplished watersports athletes.

The Kai Lenny segment of 60 Minutes Sports (Called Waterman) came out in December and is available on Showtime. It is 2016 Season (Season 4), Episode 12 (December). 

In his first extensive interview since going to prison, former NBA All Star Jayson Williams opens up to Jon Wertheim about the night of the shooting, his lifelong battles and the struggle to make amends. Plus, Lesley Stahl reports on American Katayoun Khosrowyar, who’s training Iran’s future female soccer stars and vowing to get more girls into the game. And Phil Koeghan goes along for a ride with the best all-around waterman the aloha state has produced in a generation: Kai Lenny.

You can also check out Kai Lenny’s site: Positively Kai and his section on the Naish site.

Here’s one of the earlier videos from the Mullet on Kai following his BOP win. We found it when googling a few facts on kai: